Thursday, November 5, 2009

Drain out!!!!!!!!!

I had my appointment with Dr. Keller. It was a toss up about the drain. It was still draining a little more than they wanted it to. In the end he decided it could come out. Kelly (his PA) took the stitches and the drain out. Dr. Keller added another 50cc to the tissue expander. He said it was a trade off for the drain. So, I love the drain being gone but the tissue expander hurts. He said he is going to add 50cc per week for 10 weeks. This thing is going to look like a watermelon. It is already about 4 inches higher than the right one. They said it is temporary because it is not the final implant and just the expander. It is very noticeable though.

Tomorrow I have chemo training.

1 comment:

  1. That's what's called a titscrepancy in the business! ;-D

    So glad the drain is out. Half of California is asking about you daily, so I hope you can feel all the love!