Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chemo Port

I had the chemo port put in today. All in all, not too bad. It was a short acting anesthesia, not a general. It does hurt. It feels like I was shot, small caliber. Not that I have ever been shot, but this is how I imagine it would feel. Its sort of like being stuck with a hot poker that makes a hole. I have seen tons of people who have been shot so I have a pretty good idea. That's what happens when you are a ghetto street medic for a long time.

My right arm is a little weak, but I was able to drive about 6 hours later. I just did it lefty and stayed off the phone. Of course I would have done it if I had to throw the iv pole in the back seat, still had the ET tube in and had to bag myself at the traffic lights. I really can't let this thing take over my life so I have to fight it every step. No retreat, no surrender.

I am going to go vist my cousins for Thanksgiving. Despite all this I really have tons to be thankful for, especially my great family and friends who are pulling me through all of this.

My family and friends are the best things I've known
Through the eye of the needle I'll carry them home
-John Mellencamp

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