Friday, November 20, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff

I had my presurgical testing on Tuesday. Next Tuesday, the 24th, I get my port put in. It is not supposed to be a big deal and I hope its not. The next day I am going to drive down to Maryland with my cousin Janet and Julianna. I think Janet is going to do most of the driving but we might let Julianna take the wheel for awhile.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon. He put another 50cc in my tissue expander. It feels like 1000. I have to get 400cc more before we are finished. It is very uncomfortable after they do the fills.

Julianna is napping right now. Yippie!!! When she wakes up she is going to go to Grandma Betty and Pop-Pop's house for a few hours. This will be the last time until the winter is over since they will be going back to Florida just after Thanksgiving. I am pretty sad about that and will miss them a lot. Julianna has the best time being spoiled by them and I love seeing them all the time too. They have been very helpful to us during this time. We are going to try to go down to visit around Julianna's birthday. Her birthday is January 8th. So if I can do it I will.

I would like to than everyone for their support. I am overwhelmed by everyone's kindness!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

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