Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Little Jack - 6 Months Old!!

Jack is 6 months old. He is a happy little guy and a very easy baby. He really only cries if he is hungry or poopy. He is doing amazing and appears to be meeting many milestones for his adjusted age.

The early intervention people have completed all their evaluations but I have not gotten the results yet. They tested him for hearing and speech (this I know he failed), socialization and he had a physical therapy evaluation. He has to be at least 30% behind to get services in any one area and 25% behind in two or more areas to get more than one service. I know we will get the hearing and speech. I am hoping he will also get the physical therapy. He still sees the craniosacral therapist. She is also a physical therapist and has done amazing things for Jack.

When Jack was being evaluated by the early intervention specialists I mentioned the issues he had with his head. They looked at his head and said it looked pretty good. I showed them a picture of Jack's head before he started treatment and they were amazed. They said he looks like a different baby. He does. The improvement has been very dramatic. He has had similar results with the torticollis. I was told by a few doctors that Jack's torticollis was very severe. Now it is being described as mild. I think with more treatment it will be completely gone.

Jack has his pre-surgical testing tomorrow. I am hoping all goes well because I am very anxious for him to get his ear  tubes. He has been showing signs that his ears hurt him at times and I think it is from the fluid.

I have been back to work. My friend has been watching Jack. It has worked out really well and she has been able to take Jack o his appointments and I can meet them at the office while I am at lunch. He will start daycare on June 10th, but I wanted to work some days before that since I am running out of accrued time. I am going to take off for his surgery.

Jack still has to see a lot of specialists. We are seeing the pulmonologist less frequently and she took Jack off the apnea monitor. That is huge for us. I was really only using it at night at this point but it is great to be rid of it completely. It would often go off for no reason and it caused stress throughout the house. It is about ten times louder than a smoke detector. He still sees the gastroenterologist, developmental pediatrician, plastic surgeon (for the cleft), ear nose and throat doctor, opthamologist  and the regular pediatrician. We still have to see a geneticist to make sure his issues are not due to any type of genetic syndrome. That one makes me nervous. I am hoping he does not have any type of genetic syndrome.

I am enjoying Jack and he is a lot of fun. I try not  to think about all the issues and just enjoy the moment. He has been eating cereal off a spoon and he spits it all over because he smiles and laughs so much while he is eating. I like to think he knows something I don't. He was close to written off so many times in the hospital. Really all odds were against him being here now. I know he is in pain from his ears and his neck. But, he doesn't care and he just chooses to be a happy guy.


                                                                  Julianna and Jack

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