Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ear Tube Surgery Scheduled

Jack is going to have his ear tubes surgery on June, 4th. I think it will be a good luck day for him since it is my friend Vicky's birthday!!

They are going to do the tubes and then a sedated ABR. I am really hoping his hearing will improve with the tubes. However, if they do not I have already done a ton of research and I think the best cochlear implant surgeon is at NYU and I hope we will have that done pretty soon if he doesn't get improvement with his tubes.

We had craniosacral therapy today. That is really going great for Jack. He is now able to move his head from side to side with no difficulty. The shape of his head is also improving greatly. He seems to like it most of the time and it is a very gentle therapy.

We are still waiting for spring here as it is super chilly. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers!!

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