Friday, March 22, 2013

We Are Home!!

We are home from Arkansas! We flew down on Tuesday the 12th. Julianna, my friend Martha and I took off at about 11:30. We arrived in Little Rock at about 5 pm. We rented a car, went to the store to get a car seat and dome supplies and headed over to the hospital to see Jack. Julianna got to hold him and she was over the moon. We left the car seat there so they could do the car seat test and we headed to get something to eat. At that point it was 9:30 pm and we were exhausted.

The next day we went over to the hospital at about 7:30 am. They had not do e the car seat test over night like they were supposed to and the doctor still had not been in to officially discharge him. It took awhile but they finally started the 3 hour car seat test. This test is to make sure babies will not have trouble breathing in the car seat position.  He passed the test and then we had to wait for the doctor.

We  were really annoyed that they made us wait all day since we wanted to get on the road early. It wasn't all bad though because Tierney came to the hospital and we got to spend some time with her and take some pictures.

We pulled out of the hospital at 3:13 on 3/13/13. We decided to drive as long as we could even though we didn't get the early start we wanted

We drove about 350 miles the first day, about 500 the second and about 450 the last day. It was tiring but both kids were really great in the car.  I am so thankful to my friend Martha for coming.  I couldn't have done it without her!

Sunday night I was feeding Jack and noticed that his palate looked really strange. It looks like a cleft palate to me. It was 3 am when I saw it do there was nothing I could do but obsessively google.  I had an appointment with my pediatrician Monday morning.

When I got to the doctor I asked him if he could check his palate first since I was freaking about it. He checked it and his jaw dropped. I asked him if it was cleft and he said it is certainly not normal. He set me up with referrals for cardiology, pulmonology, ent, opthomolgy, neurology, urology, neonatology, audiology, early intervention and gastroenterology.  He forgot a psychologist for me.  LOL!

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