Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eating From the Bottle

I had to leave Jack. It was very sad for me. I am missing Julianna too. I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia taking a prep course so I can pass my nursing clinical test. I am challenging the nursing program through Excelsior college. In the past few months I have successfully completed all the courses via home study and then going to a testing site to test out. I have completed 58 credits in the last 5 months. The last hurdle is the clinical exam. That is a 3 day test with a laboratory component as well as patient care scenarios. I want to be very prepared for that test so I am taking this CPNE workshop. It is a 3 day course and is very intense. I am missing my children tremendously.

I decided to do this now because I realize it will be close to impossible one Jack comes home. I decided to go for my nursing degree because there have been a lot of threats about privatizing my job. If that happens I will not have a decent way to support my children so I decided to make a personal plan B and get my nursing degree.

Julianna is having fun but she misses me and I miss her. I miss Jack too. It is pretty hard to have him so far away.

Jack pulled out his TPT ( trans pyloric tube) that feeds him into the intestine. That is a good thing because it has forced them to feed him with a bottle. He has been doing a lot better than expected eating that way. I am hoping the doctors are wrong and he will be home soon. I refuse to believe their negativity.

My neighbors found a guy who gave a reasonable estimate to fix the damage to my home. It has been 5 months since hurricane Sandy and we are not even close to back to normal. It would be really great if it could be fixed before Jack came home.

So all in all things are looking up. I will be home late tomorrow night. I can't wait to see Julianna and I can't wait to get things ready at home for Jack.

Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts and thanks to Colleen, Lori and Bobby and Cathy for watching Julianna and Smudge. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE to everyone!!!

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