Monday, October 15, 2012

Going to Arkansas

"However motherhood comes to you its a miracle!"

So I am off to Arkansas tomorrow! The big 20 week sonogram is at 8am (Arkansas time) on Wednesday morning. I will get to see Tierney and the baby. If all goes well we will find out the gender. I am pretty excited about it. I promised Julianna that I will call her when she gets picked up from school so I can tell her all about it.

My flight leaves Laguardia airport at 6am. I was not able to get a flight to Arkansas for under $900 and with less than 2 stops so I had to make some concessions. First, I hate Laguardia airport, but I am going from there. JFK is better because it is so easy to take the train there. But, there were no flights from there that worked.  I decided to go to Memphis instead. Memphis is about 100 miles from Little Rock. It appears to be a straight shot on I 40. I will zip over there in my rental car. I am staying overnight in Little Rock and then driving back to Memphis after the sonogram. I should get home at about 11 pm Wednesday night.

Julianna is sleeping at my friend Colleen's house tonight. She will drop her off at school tomorrow. My friend Vanna will pick her up tomorrow afternoon and she will sleep at Vanna's house. Vanna will bring her back to school Wednesday and Colleen will pick her up and bring her to my friend Lori who will keep her until I get home about midnight. It will be easy to get her home since Lori is right next door.

I worked my days off to make up for these two days so I don't have to waste any time off. I want to save as much as I can for when the baby comes. I used a lot for cancer treatment. Not fun, but I had no choice.

So it is all set up and now I am ready to roll in a few hours. Thanks to everyone for helping me out!!!!!!

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