Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its A.......

I am back home from Arkansas. It was great to see Tierney. We were able to spend some time together.

We saw the sonogram. It was great. The baby is a boy!!! He appears to be healthy and is now 13 ounces. Julianna was the first person I called. She was a little iffy about a brother but was won over when I explained to her that Uncle Rich is my little brother. She loves Uncle Rich and hopes her little brother is as great. She did correct me to say that Uncle Rich really isn't little.

She was picked up at school Tuesday night by my friend Vanna. Vanna called me to say she thought Julianna had pink eye. She was nice enough to take her to the doctor who said she did have pink eye. Betty picked her up at Vanna's house and kept her Tuesday night and Wednesday. She has been on the drops since Tuesday but was still unable to go to school today. I am hoping she can go tomorrow.

So we are celebrating the happiness of expecting a baby boy!!!!! Thanks everyone!!