Monday, December 5, 2011

Things moving along

Today is our embryo transfer. As of Friday there were 11 embryos growing. They are going to transfer the best one into my gestational surrogate today. She made the trip from Arkansas to Texas safely. We are all excited that today is finally the day. They will call me just before the transfer to talk about the embryos and give me one last chance to decide on transferring one or two. I am firmly on the side of one. One healthy baby is best in my opinion. That will reduce the chances of complications and premature babies. I am hoping it works. I will know before Christmas.

We have been enjoying the season. On Saturday we went to breakfast with Santa along with Grandma and Pop- Pop. Sunday we went to the children's party for my job. Julianna had a ball and couldn't believe that Santa knew to give her the Rapunzel doll and horse that she wanted.

I know I am feeling better because I braved climbing up to the top roof on my house to get lights up there. I am not as spry as I used to be but I still managed to do it. Our house has tons of lights and Julianna loves it. Of course the roof will probably be a solid sheet of ice when it is time to take them down, then I will find out how much balance I have.

I still have residual issues from the breast cancer treatment. I still have the hernia and that will have to be fixed at some point. I still have neuropathy and some GI damage. I still do not have eyelashes. However, they are all things I can try to ignore and move on. My ovary scan showed a cyst on my ovary and fibroids in my uterus. It does not appear to be ovarian cancer or a metastasis of the breast cancer. I still have to go to a gynecological oncologist. I would still like to have my ovaries removed. I will see what they say.

I am thrilled that Julianna should have a sibling at this time next year. I had so many issues with the idea of her being alone. I know everyone says she will be fine. I am sure that is true. She doesn't have the issues, I do. She is also very happy about the idea of a new baby. She would prefer a sister. I explain that she could get either a brother or a sister but she is sticking to sister.

Keep your fingers crossed for a successful transfer!

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