Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Embryo Transfer Completed!

Well, the embryo has been transferred. They called me just before to discuss the embryos. None of them were perfect. A few were just under perfect. They asked me again if I wanted to try two. I did think about it for a minute but decided to stick with one. They froze two yesterday and three more today. The rest stopped developing. That is normal. They tend to weed themselves out. So I have 5 frozen embryos if this doesn't work. If it does work I will find people to adopt the embryos. I do not want to destroy them.

We will find out if it worked in 8 days. My carrier said she may test early. I hope she does.

Here is a picture of the embryo. It is a 5 day blastocyst. I think it really looks a lot like Julianna did at that age. She has changed a lot since then though. We will know before Christmas. It is pretty exciting.

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