Monday, August 16, 2010

Herceptin, First Day of School

Today was Julianna's first day at her new daycare. She calls it her school. She had a great day and loved it. I was a nervous wreck all day. I thought she would be ok but I worried that she might be scared or lonely. She had fun with the kids and the teachers. She didn't really eat any of the food. She is super picky about food and I am hoping that changes in school. I am glad she liked it because she will be going two days a week at first and in three weeks she will be going there four days a week.

I had my herceptin infusion today. I am achy and uncomfortable now. I asked about getting some drugs for an energy boost. They told me that I am tired and unable to do things because of the chemo and herceptin. They also said that the chemo induced menopause causes extreme tiredness. She said it could last a year and a half after I finish the herceptin. She also wants to test my thyroid because chemo often damages the thyroid. She doesn't want to give me any drugs because they may have side effects.

I know all these treatments may be causing the side effects. However, I don't agree with them not wanting to treat it because we may know what is causing it. I laugh about them not wanting to give drugs because of side effects. Chemo had more side effects then anyone can imagine. I am going to go to my regular doctor and see what he says about it. I am hoping he can give me something.

I am considering trying those 5 hour energy shots. Anyone have any feedback on them?

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