Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got yelled at, need MUGA scan

The nurse from my oncologist's office called today. She advised me that I haven't had a MUGA scan in six months. I knew that but I have been avoiding it. I hate going for it because they inject tons of radioactive stuff into me and tell me I have to stay away from Julianna for two days. I can be in the house with her but I can't hold her or snuggle with her. Plus, I figure pumping all that radioactive stuff into a person can't be good.

She said the herceptin can damage the heart and lungs so we have to do MUGA scans every three months to make sure its not doing damage. It can cause congestive heart failure. I don't have congestive heart failure. I had it when I delivered Julianna. It was pretty horrific so I am certain I would know if I had it again.

So, they made me schedule the scan. It is September 2nd at 7:30 am. They only do MUGA scans on Thursdays at 7:30. I think I will soon be like those glow night lights. If any one's kid is afraid of the dark I will be able to stop by and sit in their room. It will help you save on electricity.

I have herceptin on Monday. They gave me a two week dose last time on purpose to change my schedule. They didn't want my day to fall on Labor Day because they are closed.

I am still fighting fatigue. I joined Weight Watchers to try to lose some weight. I am hoping that some weight loss might help with my energy level. The doctor's office told me not to get too discouraged if I don't lose because a side effect of the herceptin (and the chemo) is weight gain. I am going to try anyway. I am also having some bad hip and back pain. I am hoping it is just muscular but I am going to have them check it out. I would bet they will order some type of radiological test, they like those.

Thanks everyone for all the help, love, prayers and strength!

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