Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MRI Results :(

The radiologist called me today to discuss my MRI results. She said there are four areas in the right breast they are concerned with. This is two more than the mammogram or sonogram discovered. She wanted to schedule biopsies for the areas. I said no. I think she didn't get it. I said no. It won't be necessary. I just want it off. In fact, I just want them both off. She advised me too call my surgeon to discuss it.

I called my surgeon's office. They told me I could come in at 4:30 to discuss it with the doctor.

At 4:30 I saw Dr. Maurer. I asked her if it was necessary to biopsy the areas if I decided to go with a mastectomy. She said it was not, and that it would all be tested by the pathologist after it was removed. I told her I wanted them both off. She said ok.

They went through a bunch of things with me and then gave me a payment sheet. I have to come up with $29,000 and that doesn't include the surgery for the nodes if it is necessary. I do not have anywhere near that kind of money. I don't think I can go with Dr. Maurer.

If I go to Sloan Kettering it is completely free, insurance covers every penny. The problem with that is that I have to wait until September 11th for the appointment with their surgeon, Dr. Lisa Sclafani. She is supposed to be awesome but she is on vacation right now. I know it is not that far away, but I feel like I want this cancer out NOW. It is freaking me out that it is in there.

Dr. Maurer said the cells that started this cancer were probably in me for 5 or 6 years before they were large enough to discover. She agrees that it is growing but doesn't think a few weeks are a big deal. That is pretty much what everyone says, but I still want it out asap.

I am going to call Sloan tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment with a different surgeon. I hope they can see me sooner than 9/11.


  1. Oh, Mary Ellen, that's a slap in the face. Call any time if you want to vent or discuss or cry or whatever - any hour, any time! I am 100% behind the double mastectomy option. I'd do the same. Why leave worries behind?
    Hugs and hugs and more hugs,

  2. My heart is aching for you. You are brave and I think well thought out. I know time is what it is and often hard to do. Anything I can do to help you keep your balance I will do. I am not working and if you need someone there, I am you woman.
    HUGs & HUGs from me also.

  3. Mary Ellen, I think of you everyday. I know you will get thru this. You are brave. I understand and support your decision. Like Nancy said, if you want to vent I am here for you. You are in my prayers.
    Hugs from me and Scotch too...

  4. What Nancy and Rosemary said....goes for me too! I plan on coming up once you start your treatment and can hop in the car at any time if you need me before that! I'm serious!

    Love you!

    Melissa xoxox