Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some Bumps In Jack's Road

Jack has started to feel a bit better and the bleeding from his ears has almost stopped. I did notice another problem though. His balance is completely off. He has been falling over to his left side. I had him sitting on the floor. He is really good at sitting unassisted, or at least he was. He can't even get enough balance to sit for a few seconds. He just tilts to the left and goes over. I had him in the bath ring, couldn't do it. In the exersaucer he sat in the seat bit had to hold on to an attached toy to keep from falling over.
I looked it up and it says that balance can be affected by the cochlear implant surgery, especially if both sides are implanted at once. I did call the doctor's office and I am waiting for a call back. We have a follow up appointment on Friday.
I am really hoping that this is just a temporary thing and that there was not some kind of damage done to his vestibular system. I am thinking that it could be that it is super swollen in there or that his ear tube on that side is clogged.
Jack is going through everything with his ears and at the same time his two front teeth are breaking through. I feel like this little guy can't catch a break. I have been staying home with him but I am hoping to go back to work tomorrow. We shall see.

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  1. Oh my gosh :-( You guys really don't need any complications. Carys had a scary (sudden onset) bout of vertigo last June that landed her in the ER. Taught me that it is literally impossible to function with vertigo. I really hope this all resolves quickly. Healing thoughts from Idaho...