Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jack Is Getting Through It

Jack is going through a tough time. His ears are draining tons of bloody drainage. It is freaking Julianna out. It occurred to me that she is not likely to follow in my career footsteps. LOL.
Dr. Roland told me that Jack's head may swell considerably. He said it may swell so much that his ears may stick out. Well, that is what is happening. His ears are sticking out about as far as they possibly can. That really started last night as the swelling progressed. He has also vomited a few times, but his appetite does not seem to have diminished.
He has been having trouble sleeping and it seems like he can't get comfortable. His only pain meds are tylenol and advil. He still does seem to be pretty smiley when he sees me or Julianna.
They told me that most kids go back to their regular activities after about a week. It has only been a few days but right now I can't see how this will all have cleared up in a few more days. Maybe, but it seems unlikely to me.
We have been stuck in the house for a few days and it is starting to get a bit old. It snowed today so it was unlikely we would go out and do much anyway. If he is feeling better tomorrow we will try to go do something, even if it is just to go to the grocery store.
I am hoping that his swelling will go down soon and he will start to feel better. We are supposed to have his cochlear implants activated the first week of January. I am hoping all the swelling will be gone by then. :)

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