Friday, February 1, 2013

Tough Going

Jack has been having a tough time. His breathing stops for no known reason. That causes his heart rate to drop. All the monitors go off, the nurses run in and they have to resuscitate him. There are times when he needs a significant amount of intervention to come out of it.

They though this was happening because of reflux so they stopped feeding him into his stomach. The difficulties still continued. They decided to transfer him over to Children's Hospital, also in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a fluoroscopy of his airway. I have not yet received the official results of this test yet, but the doctor who did the test told the nurse that it looks normaly

The other possibility is that there is some type of neurological problem that is causing it. They think it could be that his brain is just not giving him the signal to breathe.

There is also the possibility that there will never be a known cause and the issues will resolve on their own. The nurse told me that this sometimes does happen and it just stops. Obviously this is what I am hoping for.

I have not been able to go down to Arkansas to see Jack because I have a pretty bad cold and cough. They would never let me in to see him and I would never risk his health and the health of all the other babies in there. I am going to set up a trip for about 10 days from now. I figure by then I should be completely better. I hope Jack's problems resolve by then too. They told me there is no way he can be transferred now. He is too unstable.

Thanks for all the help, prayers and good wishes!!!

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