Monday, February 11, 2013

Doing Better

Jack is doing a lot better. He has had less heart rate drops. Some days he doesn't have any at all. Last night they actually gave him 5cc of formula by mouth. He had a very low flow nipple and he liked the bottle. He has very bad reflux so they couldn't give him more than that. He is still getting most of his feeds through the TPT (trans pyloric tube). That bypasses his stomach and feeds him directly into his intestine. He should be feeding by mouth by now, but he is not.

The nurse informed me that he has really bad reflux and I should expect an exceptionally colicky baby. Julianna was pretty bad in that respect as well. I know preemies are especially bad with that and Jack was very premature.

Jack is actually considered medically stable enough to be transported to NY. However, we just got over two feet of snow here so all the airports were closed. I am spending a tremendous time today making phone calls to try to get everything set up. When I call my insurance company they just switch me all around to different extensions. I already know the air ambulance is not covered. I am looking to have them say that his hospital stay here in NY is covered. Calling the insurance company is a good way to kill a day.

I really hope I can get this whole thing figured out so I can get him moved close to home.

In other things, Julianna and I had a great time playing in the snow. We went sleigh riding, built a large "snow sister" as Julianna calls her and went snowshoeing with my friend Cathy and all the dogs.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts for Jack!!!

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