Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting to Try Again

     Tierney is starting to feel better! She wanted the miscarriage to happen naturally but it did not. Her OB/GYN Dr. Woods said she had to have a D & C or she would get a terrible infection. He scheduled her for the D & C that day.

     So far she is feeling ok. We are waiting for her cycle to start again. She will go on birth control pills so they can control her cycle. When everything is ready she will fly to Texas for the frozen embryo transfer.

     The big dilemma now is, should we transfer one or two embryos? With two, obviously there is a big chance of having twins. With twins there are greater chances of complications and prematurity. It is also a much bigger risk for Tierney, and a more difficult pregnancy. With one, there is a greater chance that it won't work at all. Each try is very expensive and it is not covered by insurance. I am not going to be able to do many tries. Frozen embryo transfer has a lower success rate than fresh embryo transfer. I can't help but think if we had put two in maybe there would still be a baby growing.

     Tierney says she is ok with whatever I decide. I go back and forth on it. I'll let you all know when anything is happening. Right now it is a waiting game.

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