Sunday, October 3, 2010

X-rays Negative

My oncology office called to say that my x-rays were negative for cancer in my hip and back. I was doing a pretty good job putting it out of my head while waiting for the results but hearing that they are negative is a huge load off.

Julianna has a 104 degree fever. She took a super long nap and I went in to check on her and she was burning up. I gave her a tylenol suppository and called her doctor. I was worried that she might have a seizure. I guess I spent too many years on an ambulance where febrile seizures are a common emergency. I know that the risk of seizure is usually higher when the temperature goes up fast and isn't always about how high it goes, but I freaked a bit regardless. The doctor said to alternate ibuprofen and tylenol and to stagger them. She goes in to see the doctor at 10 this morning.

Yesterday we took Smudge to the holistic vet out in Speonk and his knee does seem to be improving somewhat. I am really hoping we can avoid surgery for him because he is such an active dog. It would be so hard to keep him still post-operatively. He really is the best dog. He is so patient with Julianna. He lets her try to ride him, put glasses on him, cover him with blankets and read books to him. When I was so sick with the chemo and Julianna was staying with friends he wouldn't leave my side. He would just sit next to me and rest his head on me. I hope he is better soon.

Tomorrow I have pre-surgical testing at St. Francis hospital and my herceptin infusion. My surgery is scheduled for Monday October 11th.

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