Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeling Better

My surgery on Monday went well but I had some trouble with the meds. I have side effects from the anesthesia every time, severe itching and vomiting. They pre-medicated me but I still had the terrible full body itching. They gave me a lot of meds for itching, pain and nausea. The problem with that was that it was depressing my breathing and I was not waking up. They had me on oxygen but without realizing it I kept taking it off. They were considering keeping me overnight. I was able to wake up a bit and my breathing began to improve. Luckily they let me go home.

My friend Colleen picked Julianna up from day care and kept her overnight. She brought her back to daycare in the morning. Julianna is a good sport and is always happy but Colleen said she woke up a few times and was asking for me, of course that makes me sad.

I have a lot of sutures in my right breast. It is uncomfortable but no longer painful. I must say I see a lot more symmetry already. My breasts appear to be the same height. The right one does look bigger but I think it is still pretty swollen.

I went to work today and it wasn't too bad. I am going to try to walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on Sunday. It is only about 3 miles and is down at Jones Beach.

Thanks everyone for all the support!!!!

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