Sunday, October 9, 2016

Seven Years Since Cancer Sugery

Today marks seven years since I had my first cancer surgery. So much has happened since then. I am so grateful.

Back then I was given a lot of scary information. Some of it was true and they left a lot of other things out. It was a long road but I am happy to have gotten through it. I do have some pretty big side effects from the chemo and the surgeries. the worst is the peripheral neuropathy from the chemo drugs, It really has changed me from a super active person into a pretty inactive one. When I started the cancer journey I remember asking if I would be normal after all of it. They always answered that I would have a new normal. So, I guess this is  my new normal. It is not as great as my old normal but I am still extremely grateful.

It is harder for me to run after a 3 year old than it would have been. But not too many 51 year olds have a 3 year old anyway. After HELLP syndrome and cancer it was pretty unlikely I would ever have another baby. That was so sad to me. But, despite all the obstacles I did. Jack is my bonus baby. He brings us great happiness. He is a fighter and a survivor. I think he is destined to do great things.

Julianna was 1 when I got cancer. I remember thinking how she would be so alone if I died. No dad. no siblings. She wouldn't even remember how much she was loved. She is now 8. She is beautiful, smart, athletic and kind. I tell her everyday how much she is loved.

A lot of trying things have happened but a lot of great things have happened too. The good out shines the bad and we really have so much to be tankful for!!!

This picture was taken from our dock this summer.

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  1. Hi I came across your blog while googling "parking near NYU Cochlear Implant Center." My daughter and I are beginning the journey to get her cochlear implants and we are also driving to NYU from 2 (or up to 3 lol) hours away. Reading your blog and experiences has been a huge inspiration for me. You are a fighter and it's clear your kids are your #1 priority as you have been doing so much for them. God bless you and your family.