Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jack Is Being Discharged From Physical Therapy

From small things, mama
Big things one day come
~ Bruce Springsteen

 Jack's physical therapist Debbie advised me today that she thought he was ready to be discharged from Physical therapy. She said he is not really at his exact age level but he is progressing so fast that she doesn't think he really needs her help anymore.

This amazes me. At one point I was told it was unlikely he would ever roll over let alone walk. He walks, jumps and runs now. He is so happy. I am so thankful to Debbie Fuggini and Jodie Collins for the amazing therapy they gave Jack.

I spent so much time worrying and taking him from appointment to appointment. The fact that it has paid off makes me so grateful and proud of him for all his hard work.

Jack is finally saying some words. He goes to the Deaf Infant Program for 7 sessions a week. They are amazing there and he is really starting to pick it up. He always tries to copy everything and he very happy to please the therapists. I love this program but he is going to age out of it at the end of December. I am currently going to see some programs. I only want him in an oral program not sign or total communication. It is hard to find even though we are in such a populated area,

They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is especially true with a child who has special needs. There are so many people responsible for Jack's success and I am so thankful.

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