Friday, August 29, 2014

Jack is Walking!!!

Little man Jack has started to walk. It is very exciting, especially since I had been told be the neurologist that it was unlikely he would ever roll over. He can do about 10 steps in a row and he does often drop down to crawl because it is faster. I am thrilled and so is his biggest cheerleader Julianna.

I have retired from my job. I am pretty happy about the decision. I will now have time to spend with the kids and a lot of time to devote to Jack's care. There are so many possibilities and it should be great.I am hoping he

Jack is going to be starting the Hagedorn Little Village School on September 4th. The school is for children with special needs. Jack will be going in the afternoons and his class is predominately for language. I went to the parent orientation last night. The program is for two year olds. Jack is 21 months old. He is allowed in the program because the age cutoff for school in this area is December 1st. Jack's birthday is November 28th. So he will be the youngest child in the program. He won't be adjusted two (when he was supposed to be born) until March. I am hoping he will be able to do it. He has been going to daycare so he is used to a routine, but this is a lot more academic.

Early Intervention is supposed to provide a bus for Jack. I am going to drive him there, but they are going to provide a bus to bring him home since Julianna and Jack are getting dismissed from school at the same time. Julianna's school is very close to our house and Jack's school is less than 10 minutes away in Seaford, NY.  I was contacted by the bus driver who told me that Jack might be on the bus for an hour and a half. I am freaking about this a bit. They are planning to drive him all over the county with the other kids before they drop him off. There will be a matron on the bus but I am worried about that length of time each day. I am trying to figure out how I can arrange to pick him up and still get home to get Julianna.

We have had a nice summer. We managed to get up to Pennsylvania a bunch of times. We had a lot of family and friends visiting. There will be a few more summer days to enjoy before we get back to the daily grind that fall will bring.

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  1. Such great news about Jack! And your retiring - you had a simply insane load for one person to bear. It may be great for Jack to be with older kids so he can emulate them. So glad to hear some good news!