Saturday, March 22, 2014


Here are some pictures of our family.

Julianna and Jack Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Jack - March 2014

Julianna and Jack March 2014

 St. Patrick's Day 2014

Julianna and Jack - St. Patrick's Day 2014

Julianna turns 6

Happy 6th Birthday Julianna

This is how Jack's ear looked right before he lost the implant. It went from normal to this in less than 48 hours.
This is how swollen the whole implant was looking.
Jack's ear. Just before the implant came out.

Julianna lost her first tooth.

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  1. Beautiful photos! (except those of Jack's infected implant - yuck!). I am SO sorry you were dealt another setback - no you can't catch a break and that sucks. It is really great you had him bilaterally implanted - at least he is getting the benefit of his right implant. Many kids just have one and do well with that, so hopefully he is not being delayed too much more in language exposure/acquisition. I so hope everything from here out goes smoothly. At least summer is coming and so we'll be out of sickness season, right? It's great to read your updates. Jack and Julianna both look so happy and healthy - you're clearly doing a great job.