Monday, October 21, 2013

Moving Along and Rolling Over!!

We are moving along and getting some dates set. Jack will have his surgery for bilateral cochlear implants on 11/20, pending insurance approval. They are changing a lot of the protocols and they said he might not even have to stay overnight. He is likely to be the first case since they go in age order with the youngest being first. They do this because of the fact that they can't eat prior to the anesthesia and the babies have the hardest time with that. I am happy we are moving along with it. If all goes well he should be hearing before Christmas.

Jack will get his helmet on Wednesday the 23rd. We went for the fitting last Friday. They put a socklike material shaped like a hat on his head. That material had sensors all over it. Then they used a type of gun that read all the sensors. All that data went to a computer and it made a 3-D model of his head. They will use that to make his helmet. I got to pick from a bunch of different patterns but I decided on basic blue.

Jack rolled over!! He finally did it! He went from front to back in therapy but without being touched. He has since done it a few times at home. I am very proud of him and relieved. He is seeing a Developmental Neurologist on Wednesday so I can get a better idea where he stands with everything, but I am thrilled that he finally rolled over.

Jack's hearing aids are not doing anything for him. I have not been putting them on him much because I am concerned that he will choke on them or swallow the battery. Button batteries are a huge big deal if a baby swallows them. If that should happen they usually require surgery to get them out and and caustic if they are left in. If he is not getting any benefit from the hearing aids I prefer not to chance any issues. I do sometimes put them in when he will be right in my field of vision, but never in the car and I am leery about it for daycare.

Jack is a very verbal baby. People always ask me why he coos and yells so much if he is deaf. I am told this will stop if he is not implanted. That is one of the reasons why it is important to get the cochlear implants so early. All the cooing and repetitive noises babies make are the building blocks to language. He needs to do this in order to learn to speak later. If I sit him on my lap and make certain noises he is able to copy them. When this first started happening I was sure they had made a mistake and he was not actually deaf. The teachers from the deaf school and the evaluators all told me that deaf babies do this. He sees how I am moving my mouth and copies that. They said that is one of the reasons they do universal newborn hearing screens now, because deaf babies fool us. They said that, before the screening, they would not know the babies were deaf until they failed to develop language at 3 or 4 years old. That is really late to find out that a baby is deaf. If you want the child to speak you need to find out early and start therapy right away.

Jack has physical therapy twice a week, speech therapy once a week and cranio-sacral therapy once a week. NYU told me they want him to have auditory therapy four times a week and the deaf infant program wants him to attend twice a week for 2 1/2 hours each time. I am having difficulty getting all these things done, getting to all the doctors appointments, getting to work and doing everything for Julianna. Our house is still under construction post hurricane Sandy. It is getting closer to completion. I am hoping it is finished soon. When it is I would like to hire a full time, driving nanny to take Jack to a lot of his appointments as well as get Julianna on and off the kindergarten bus. Right now I am getting by with luck, prayers and the help of great friends.

I went to get my hernia checked again and it is looking like I will need the surgery very soon. I am hoping I can coordinate it with Jack's surgery and we can recuperate at the same time. I hope it works!

We are busy but we are enjoying fall. We have gone to the pumpkin farm and apple picking. I took Julianna to the Halloween events at Sesame Place and she had a ball. She is still in ice skating, dancing, violin and arts and crafts.

I just passed the 4 year anniversary since my cancer surgery. I have only one more year that is considered pretty risky. We are super happy and life is good!!


  1. So exciting that the date for Jack's CI surgery is set. Is he getting both sides implanted at once? You for sure need a nanny!

    Do you know Rachel Coleman's story (of Signing Time)? I found it very encouraging. She didn't know her daughter Leah was deaf until she was a year old and her daughter didn't get a CI until age 7 or so. Yet Leah speaks beautifully and is a remarkable young woman. They've got youtube videos up and her website is Another reason I was inspired by her story is because she has another daughter with spina bifida and CP. When both my girls ended up having problems, I was so discouraged. A friend told me to look her up and her story has really inspired me.

  2. I wish you nothing but good health and good things always for all of you.
    Your a very strong woman.
    Keep me posted. have a lot to smile about.