Monday, July 1, 2013

Dr. Roland - NYU

After tons of waiting we finally got to see Dr. Roland at NYU. I decided to drive instead of taking the train since we had a 10am appointment. I thought it would be tough to take the train during rush hour. Also , finding a parking spot anywhere near a train station  is next to impossible. So we drove in. It is 30 miles from Julianna's daycare. I checked  it with the GPS. That is about an hour by train or a bit over two hours by car. Unless you are from this area you probably can't understand that, but it is reality.

I knew where a good street parking area is and it is only a block from NYU. There is no parking there from 8 am to 9 am due to sweeping. That means if you zoom up a bit after 9 you can score a spot. I lucked out and got one. Street parking is $7 for two hours and a garage is $20 for about the same amount of time. It is more than the money though, I am not comfortable giving my keys to the guys who run those garages. Anyone who has seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off  knows what they do to the cars.

We got to our appointment a bit early. I had already done all the paperwork because they sent it to me online. I had to pay ahead of time, $600. They don't take my insurance but I am hoping I will get something back if I send the receipt in.

We saw Dr. Roland and he examined Jack and looked at his ABR results. He said he appears to be a good candidate for cochlear implants but he will have to get some imaging first (CT, MRI). He said it does not appear that Jack has genetic deafness and it is likely from an ototoxic event. In Jack's case that is the simultaneous administration of gentamicin and lasix. We will still do genetic testing to rule out that unlikely possibility, but no one seems to think it is likely.

He did feel that we should get Jack hearing aids. Although he does not think they will help him hear, he thought it would help keep his nerves stimulated. I asked him what the timeline would be for Jack having surgery. He said there is almost no wait for him, but I would have a wait getting into the NYU Cochlear Implant Center where they will do the imaging. After the imaging we will have to decide what type of equipment will be best for Jack and, secure approval from my medical insurance company. So it might be a few months before he can have surgery.

I left Dr. Roland's office feeling pretty confident that he will be able to help Jack. I called the NYU Cochlear Implant Center for an appointment and had to leave a message. I am hoping they will get back to me soon because I would really like to get it all set up.

Tomorrow we are off to Oregon for a family reunion. We are pretty psyched about it! I am hoping it isn't too bad flying so far with both kids. We shall see.


  1. Just found your blog through another SMC. I'm SMC to 2 daughters, ages 4 and almost-2. My little one, Carys, has moderate hearing loss (congenital, cause unknown). My older daughter has had health issues, too. I just read through a bunch of your posts. My goodness you have been through the ringer! I feel like I could chat with you forever! But I'll make this short! Both your kids are gorgeous, and you are one incredible, capable mama. I hope Jack can get CIs early - I know quite a few kids with them who are doing so amazing - without seeing the CI most wouldn't have any idea of their deafness! I'll be following your journey, and send your family many good wishes!

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