Friday, April 19, 2013

Weight Check

Every child begins the world again.
~Henry David Thoreau

Jack saw the pediatrician again yesterday. Jack was weighed and is 10 pounds, 10 ounces. He was there two weeks ago and was 9 pounds. The doctor said it was almost impossible for him to have gained that much in two weeks. His last weigh in was obviously inaccurate. Not accurate and caused a lot of stress and worry for no reason. I realize now that I can not listen to everything the doctors say.

I saw a different doctor in the practice. When he looked at the chart and saw that the NICU missed the cleft palate he told me a story about another patient ( no names). A child was born and spent about a week in the NICU. She was discharged and the family was going to bring her for an exam the next day. Early in the morning the mother called and frantically asked if it was possible for a child to grow another thumb overnight.  It turns out the baby had two thumbs on one hand and the NICU missed it all week. Amazing.

I asked him for another ENT referral. I just didn't like the other ENT. He seemed dismissive and really didn't answer many of my questions. I have had numerous issues with certain doctors over the years and now I know I have to listen to my gut feeling. I don't like this guy. I need to move on to someone I do like. I liked most of the doctors. I liked the pulmonologist, cardiologist, GI guy, plastic surgeon, craniosacral therapist and every doctor in the pediatric practice we go to, but this ENT gave me a creepy feeling.

I didn't really like my OB when I was pregnant with Julianna. He too was dismissive and laughed at my concerns. Over and over I had very real concerns and he kept blowing me off. In the end I was in critical condition and had all the things I was concerned about. I am so lucky Julianna and I are both still here. The moral of that story is, if the doctor (or anyone really) gives you a bad gut feeling, run. Listen to your instinct at all times. Every time I did not I was very sorry later.

My pediatrician gave me the name of another ENT. This practice is very closely associated with the hearing center at LIJ. That will be good because we are also working with the hearing center. We have an appointment for April 29th. I am hoping they will want to put tubes in Jack's ears but I really want to hear what they think of the whole situation.

We also had another appointment with the craniosacral therapist. Jack really likes that treatment. He is very relaxed during it and sleeps much better after the treatments. She is doing a lot of work on his neck and it seems to be helping him. I like her a lot and we are definitely going to keep going there.

Things are going pretty well. Jack is really an eating machine. He is a happy cute little guy. Julianna and I are having a great time enjoying him.

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