Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bad Morning Sickness

Tierney is super sick. So much so that she went to her doctor and he said her blood pressure was low. She said she hardly had any morning sickness with either one of her boys. Her mother said it is probablly a girl because only girls could be that mean. Her mother said she was pretty sick when she was pregnant with her.

I was super sick when I was pregnant with Julianna. I threw up every day up to and including the delivery. I vomited through the whole c-section and then they gave me something in the iv to knock me out. I missed seeing her which made me pretty sad. Damn pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome!

I am hoping that Tierney starts feeling better soon. She has another doctor appointment on Saturday and they will do another sonogram then. I am super excited about this baby but it is sad not to be there to experience everything first hand. I am not sorry to be missing out on the morning sickness though.

Feel better Tierney!!

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