Thursday, September 9, 2010

Betty Has Hip Fracture

It just goes to show's always something! If it's not one thing, it's another!" ~Gilda Radner

My stepmother Betty called me yesterday while I was at work. She said she fell on the stoop while she was getting the mail and was in terrible pain. I responded from work with my work partner Mike. I had an ambulance respond and two ambulance supervisors from my job also responded.

When we got there she was sitting up on the couch but she was in pain. She has been having a lot of pain in her lower back for the last two or three weeks and now it was worse. She was taken over to Winthrop Hospital.

In the meantime I went and got my Dad lunch at the deli and set him up with the Met game. My Dad really can't be left alone for more than an hour or so because he has dementia.

After that I zoomed over to the hospital. They had done an xray and were waiting for it to be read. Betty seemed to be in pretty good spirits and was happily watching the Met game on the ER tv. I had to go back to work but I said to call if there are any problems or when she was getting released. I zoomed back to check on my Dad real quick. All was well. I moved on, back to work.

She called. The xray was negative and they were letting her go. I zoomed back to the ER, dropped her prescription off and brought her home. All seemed well. Not. About a half an hour later Betty called. She advised me that the ER called and said her xray was questionable and she had to return for an MRI. I told her I could get back there in about an hour but she was going to try to call her sister in law. Her sister in law came and took her.

This time the ER visit took a long time. They had to do kidney function tests before they gave her the MRI contrast. They were worried because she has a history of breast cancer and received chemo and that can really damage the kidneys (that is why I got tons of steroids, Betty didn't). They waited and waited. She finally got the MRI. Then they waited for the radiologist. They said she has a hip fracture, was being admitted and will be having surgery. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits but she was worried about my Dad.

Well, my Dad can't be left alone. So I had to figure out some childcare for Julianna so I could go to their house and stay with my Dad. My friend Colleen was kind enough to let Julianna spend the night at her house so I could go stay with my Dad. I had to wake her up to bring her there but she is a pretty good sport.

I stayed at my Dads last night, gave him his pills, snack, found pjs for him and he finally went to bed. I slept on the couch. My Dad was up and dressed around 5. I got up, set up his pills, breakfast and morning news, fed the cats, did the cat boxes and took out the garbage. I had to leave there to go to work but my sister was going to come spend today and tonight with him. I will likely do Fri, Sat and Sun since she said she only wants to do one day. Uggghhh.

I am going to go over to the hospital in awhile. They said the surgery will be sometime after 1 but it could be as late as midnight. They had a surgeon to do it but they were waiting to get OR time.

Please keep Betty and my Dad in your thoughts and prayers!!!

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